How Cybercriminals Use AI to Power Their Attacks

  June 6, 2024 | Christopher Sayadian | Cybersecurity, Handled, The Cloud, Tools & Resources


Navigating the realm of cybersecurity can be daunting for any business owner, especially with the rise of AI-driven cybercrime. It’s crucial to understand how cybercriminals are leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to orchestrate sophisticated attacks aimed at compromising your data and disrupting your operations.


Fortunately, there are proactive measures you can implement to safeguard your business. In this article, we’ll delve into the utilization of AI in cybercrime and provide actionable insights to bolster your defenses.


AI in the Hands of Hackers

Here are some of the ways cybercriminals are exploiting AI:


Deepfakes: Hackers use AI to create highly realistic fake videos or audio recordings to impersonate someone you know, like your boss or a trusted friend. These deepfakes can be used to trick you into sending money or sharing sensitive information.


How to spot it: Closely look for details like unnatural facial movements or sloppy voice synchronization.


AI-powered password cracking: With the help of AI, cybercriminals can effortlessly crack common and easy passwords. Hackers with access to advanced computation offered by AI can automate the breaching process, so they can try millions of combinations to guess your password.


How to fight back: Always use unique passwords. Consider using a password manager.


AI-assisted hacking: Hackers no longer have to spend hours looking for vulnerabilities. Instead, with the help of AI, they can create automated programs that not only identify weaknesses in your system but also create new types of malware.


How to stay ahead: Keep your security systems and software updated. Also, a mandate should be set up to scan for vulnerabilities routinely.


Supply chain attacks: Threat actors use AI to insert malicious code into legitimate vendor products, which eventually will compromise your system as well.


How to protect yourself: Only download software from trusted sources. Always be vigilant with updates and patches.


Strengthen Your Defenses

In light of the escalating threat posed by AI-driven cybercrime, partnering with a reliable IT provider equipped with cutting-edge technology is paramount. Collaborate with us to leverage advanced solutions tailored to fortify your cybersecurity posture.


Contact us today for a complimentary consultation and discover how our expertise can shield your business from evolving cyber threats.

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